NopCommerce一直采用微软最前沿的技术(如ASP.NET MVC 5,Entityframework6,SQLServer2012等)进行开发。NopCommerce对商家和我们技术人员来说都是非常棒的:对于商家来说拥有一套NopCommerce这样的商城系统,不但节约了若干研发投入,还容易找到改版的程序员;对于程序员来说学习到最新的技术与网站架构,可以迅速成为一把利剑游刃于.NET领域(前提你要把NopCommerce所涉及的80%知识点掌握),加薪,买房对于草根的程序员指日可待(不吹了,你懂的),切入正题。


1.1 多商城支持(Multi-store support)

1.2 多卖家支持(Multi-vendor support)

1.3 移动设备支持(Mobile devices support)

1.4 支持商品类别和品牌(Supports categories and manufacturers)

1.5 类别嵌套任意子类别(Categories can also be fully nested to any level desired (sub-categories))

1.6 一个商品可以指定多个类别,指定多个品牌(Products can be mapped to more than one category or manufacturer)

1.7 支持单页结账(One-page Checkout)

1.8 支持匿名用户结账(Anonymous checkout)

1.9 支持礼品卡(Gift Cards)

1.10 支持组合商品(Bundle and grouped products)

1.11 (Recurring Products)

1.12 多语言支持(Multilingual support)

1.13 多种货币支持(Multicurrency support)

1.14 支持重量,尺寸测量(Measure weights, measure dimensions)

1.15 实时汇率(Real-time currency exchange rates (ECB))

1.16 支持SSL(SSL support)

1.17 导出到XML(Export to XML)

1.18 访问权限控制(Access Control List)

1.19 操作日志(Activity Log)

1.20 即时通讯(Live Chat Integration)

1.21 第三方Facebook整合(Facebook Integration)

1.22 短信提醒(SMS Notifications)

1.23 自定义模板(Fully 100% customizable design using templates)

1.24 支持电话订购(Phone order support)

1.25 支持退货管理(RMA (return management))

1.26 只对允许的国家配置清单(Configurable list of allowed countries:For billing,For shipping)


2.1 商品属性(如颜色,大小)(Product attributes (e.g. color, size))

2.2 商品标签(Product tags)

2.3 可配置的结算属性(如《礼品包装》或《输入自定义信息》)(Configurable checkout attributes (such as «Gift Wrap» or «Enter custom message»))

2.4 可配置的用户属性(如出生日期»,««电话号码»)(Configurable customer attributes (such as «Date of birth», «Phone number»))

2.5 为用户组指定商品价格(Individual prices can be specified for individual customer groups)

2.6 允许用户进入商品价格(如果已启用)(Allow customers to enter product price (if enabled))

2.7 店主可隐藏非注册用户的商品价格(Allow store owner to hide prices for non-registered customers)

2.8 支持每个商品多个图片(Supports multiple images per product)

2.9 自动图片大小调整(Auto image resizing)

2.10 支持商品下载(Downloadable products supported)

2.11 商品上的文字选项(如要求会标商品的首字母,要求的商品定制,文本名称等)(Text options on products (e.g. require initials for monogrammed products, require text name for product customization, etc))

2.12 支持简单的商品(如一本书)或商品选型(Support for simple products (e.g. a book) or products with variants)

2.13 支持销售价格(Support for sale prices)

2.14 商品搜索(Product search)

2.15 支持特色商品,热销商品或最新产品(Featured products, sale products or new products)

2.16 库存跟踪(Inventory tracking)

2.17 禁用特定商品的购买按钮(Disable buy buttons for specific products)

2.18 商品规格参数(如处理器,内存,显卡)(Product specifications (e.g. processor, memory, graphic card))

2.19 商品比较(如果已启用)(Compare product feature (if enabled))

2.20 支持面包屑(Breadcrumbs)


3.1 积分系统(Reward Points System)

3.2 对任意商品类别,品牌,商品可单独设计模板(Ability to assign design on category, manufacturer or product (unique design per category/manufacturer/product))

3.3 支持相关商品(Supports related products)

3.4 市场部经理(活动)(Marketing manager (campaigns))

3.5 用户组可被标记为免费送货(Customer groups can be marked as free shipping)

3.6 用户组可被标记为免税(Customer groups can be marked as tax exempt)

3.7 支持折扣(Supports discounts)

3.8 支持优惠券(Supports coupons)

3.9 折扣金额可以是一个固定值或百分比。例如,10元或20%(Discount amount can either be a fixed value or a percent off. e.g. ¥10.00 off or 20% off)

3.10 可设置优惠券有效时间,指定开始日期和结束日期(You can specify a start date and an end date when the coupon is valid Customers can review & rate products (if enabled))

3.11 用户可评价商品(如果已启用)(Customers can review & rate products (if enabled))

3.12 支持所有商品评论需经管理员同意(Require administrator approval of product reviews for all reviews)

3.13 支持商品评论是否有用(“这条评论对你有用吗?“)Product review helpfulness (“Was this review helpful for you?”)

3.14 为商品设置折扣(Discounts can be applied to products)

3.15 为类别设置折扣(Discounts can be applied to categories)

3.16 为订单设置折扣(Discounts can be applied to whole order)

3.17 为用户角色设置折扣(Discounts can be filtered by a customer role)

3.18 商品购买数量折扣(层价格)(Volume discounts (Tier prices))

3.19 最近添加的商品页面,RSS订阅。(Recently added products page. RSS.)

3.20 最近浏览的商品(Recently viewed products page)

3.21 免费送货选项(Free Shipping Option)

3.22 搜索引擎友好的URL(Search Engine Friendly URL's)

3.23 自动URL重写(Automated URL Re-Writing)

3.24 每个商品��类别和品牌的页面可以有自己的自定义搜索引擎的meta标签,网页标题(Every product, category and manufacturer page can have their own )

3.25 自定义默认搜索引擎优化Meta标签(Customize default SEO meta tags)

3.26 支持商店的新闻,RSS新闻,新闻评论(Store news items supported. News RSS. News comments)

3.27 支持投票(Polls supported.)

3.28 支持论坛(Forum supported)

3.29 支持营销联盟推广(Supports affiliate programs)

3.30 谷歌XML站点地图(Google XML site map)

3.31 自定义电子邮件模板(Customizable email templates)

3.32 完全自定义任何类别,任何品牌或商品页的布局和外观,(Completely customize the layout & appearance of any category, manufacturer, or product page)

3.33 内容管理系统主题(CMS Topics)

3.34 面包屑导航供简单的网站导航(Breadcrumb trail for easy site navigation)

3.35 若无心打理商城,支持关闭商城("Store is closed" feature)


4.1 集成的实时运费:UPS,美国邮政(Integrated for real-time shipping rates from: UPS, USPS)

4.2 根据订单计算运费(Calculate shipping by order total)

4.3 根据订单重量计算运费(Calculate shipping by order weight)

4.4 根据国家和订单总重量来计算运费(Calculate shipping by country & total order weight)

4.5 管理员定义的运输方法(Admin defined shipping methods)

4.6 支持“无需运输”的商品(例如服务)(Support for "no shipping required" products (e.g. services))

4.7 指定所有订单免费送货(Specify all orders as free shipping)

4.8 支持指定用户组设置免费送货(Customer groups can be marked as free shipping)


5.1 根据省份应用税收 (Apply tax by state)

5.2 根据国家应用税收(Apply tax by country)

5.3 根据邮编应用税收(Apply tax by zip)

5.4 StrikeIron tax provider

5.5 个别商品可显示应纳税或免税(Individual products can be marked taxable or tax-exempt)

5.6 根据商品征税(如商品,服务,酒精,等)(Tax classes supported by product (e.g. goods, services, alcohol, etc))

5.7 支持指定用户组免税(Customer groups can be marked as tax exempt#)

5.8 支持增值税(VAT support)

5.9 店主指定哪些税依据:计费/运输/默认/航运起始地址(Allow store owner to specify which tax based on:billing/shipping/default/shipping origin address )

5.10 允许店主指定的价格包括税(Allow store owner to specify whether prices include tax)

5.11 让用户选择税收的显示类型(包含/不含税)(Allow customer to choose tax display type (incl/excl tax))

5.12 让店主指定税显示类型(包含/不含税)(Allow store owner to specify tax display type (incl/excl tax))

5.13 允许店主指定配送是否交税(Allow store owner to specify whether shipping is taxable)

5.14 允许店主指定运费是否交税(Allow store owner to specify whether shipping prices include tax)

5.15 让店主指定是否隐藏零税率(Allow store owner to specify whether to hide zero tax)

5.16 在订单小结处当显示价格含税时,允许店主设置是否隐藏(Allow store owner to specify whether to hide tax in order summary when prices are shown tax inclusive)


6.1 交货付款方式现金(Cash On Delivery payment method)

6.2 接受付款订单(Accept Purchase Order.)

6.3 接受支票/汇票(Accept Checks / Money Order.)

6.4 接受主要的信用卡和借记卡(Accept all major credit and debit cards)

6.5 商店可设定只授权,或者auth捕获信用卡模式。然后你可以捕捉支付装船时如果需要(Store can be set to authorize only, or auth-capture credit card mode. You can then capture payment at shipment if desired)

6.6 实时或线下处理信用卡(Real-time or offline credit card processing)

6.7 手动(只收集离线处理的订单和支付信息)(Manual gateway (just collects order & payment information for offline processing))

6.8 Authorize.NET

6.9 谷歌结帐(Google Checkout)

6.10 PayPal结帐(PayPal Checkout)

6.11 Moneybookers结帐


7.1 允许客户通过电子邮件或用户名注册/登录(Allow customers to register/login by email or by username)

7.2 商品收藏夹功能(Wish list)

7.3 用户可查看自己的订单历史和订单状态(Customers can view their order history and order statuses)

7.4 用户常用地址管理(Customer has an address book)

7.5 可定制的订单邮件(Customizable Order Emails)

7.6 每个用户有多种付款方式和配送地址(Multiple billing and shipping addresses per customer)

7.7 支持用户角色或用户组(Customer roles (groups))

7.8 支持时区(Time zone support)

7.9 论坛功能 (Built-in forum)

7.10 忘记密码(Password recovery)

7.11 多账户注册和激活(Several account registration/activation types)

7.12 记住密码,自动登录(Automatic registration (no approving))

7.13 注册邮件验证(Email validation during registration)

7.14 发送邮件给朋友("Email a friend" feature)

7.15 比较商品功能(Compare product feature (if enabled))

7.16 新闻RSS订阅(News RSS)

7.17 最新商品RSS订阅(Recently added products RSS.)

7.18 联系我们(Contact Us form)



这么多功能,看了都头晕,但这是一个电子商务网站所必须的。如果我们自己一个个去开发,重复的轮子不知道要浪费掉大家宝贵的生命多久,所以我们先研究好Nopcommerce的所有功能先,这也是要做NopCommerce二次开发的朋友所必须要知道的,先到这吧,go on !